Highway Business Hub

 Introducing a new era of business hosting services

Highway Business Hub aims to satisfy the needs of businesses looking for something more than simply renting out or buying office space.

It provides fully serviced offices, tailored to the differing needs of various enterprises, with regards to term, cost, facilities or other factors.

Situated in one of the most modern and iconic business premises of Limassol, right next to the highway, it can easily be reached no matter where you are travelling from.

This strategically located, brand new and smartly designed facility can assist a business to give the desired impression to clients, providers of finance and other acquaintances. Establishing an office can come without making important commitments, amongst other, in terms of permanence, cost, risks associated with ownership or tenancy. Highway Business Hub is a testament to this!


Below you can find the main service packages. Highway Business Hub aims to offer maximum flexibility to its users in terms of facility-usage, so even if some of the covered facilities are not needed, we would be happy to discuss this with you and tailor the package based on your needs . Costs can be kept to the minimum through the use of what is really necessary in terms of the various facilities.