• Do you have an important meeting and you don’t want the people you are meeting with to know that you are working from home?
  • Are you based abroad but you have frequent business dealings with Cyprus and you want to have a place at which to arrange your meetings with contacts in Cyprus or participate remotely in meetings via teleconferencing, videoconferencing or any other internet-based platform?

One of the biggest drawbacks to home working is the lack of suitable meeting space to bring clients to. A coffee shop or even a hotel lounge isn’t always the most appropriate place to meet. If a start-up business, for example, is hoping to create the impression they are larger and more established than they are, it can really help to have a professional meeting space to invite potential new clients to.

You can make use of one of the state of the art meeting rooms of Highway Business Hub. Fully equipped to facilitate any type of meeting, the meeting rooms have access to plenty of physical light (and air!) and to the veranda of the property. Indeed, and depending on the type, the meeting can start in the room and be continued outdoor for a more relaxing atmosphere or it can take place on the veranda altogether! The meeting rooms can even be connected, thus creating an even more spacious room which can be used for larger meetings and even training sessions.

The service also includes transferring of phone calls by the Reception (if needed), as well as limited serving in terms of refreshments. However, a more extended service can be arranged based on your needs, including even catering facilities.

The meetings can be booked on a case by case basis or through packages covering a certain amount of hours, which can be used over multiple visits.Depending on the type of the event and its needs, there might be an extra charge to cover the overheads (i.e. in case of a conference call initiated/organized from the Hub with multiple participants in different countries).


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